Welcome to the homepage of the new Batch Search Engine Site. The list below should help describe the links you see above in the navigation menu:

  • Queue shows what files are currently Accepted, in Conditional Queue, and Released.
  • Batches lists all the current batches and provides links to individual ones.
  • Songs is a listing of songs from all batches.
  • About lists the current active judges.
  • Contact provides ways to contact FFR staff concerning the batch process.

Latest News

Regular Batch Reopened

The Final Round of the 11th Official Tournament is over and the regular batch is now open again for submissions. This post details the submissions from March 1st to August 19th 2016 that are included in the July/August 2016 Batch, which will receive submissions until August 31st. Then the regular two-month cycle will begin again.

Written by Dossar on Saturday August 20, 2016


Welcome to the new Batch Search Engine (BSE) site! This is a major improvement from the previous BSE on cloud9 and it will be used to track submissions in the future.

Written by Dossar on Friday January 15, 2016