The emails mentioned here are also in the New Judgment System Document.

Regular FFR Submission

Use the above email for sending new file submissions to a Regular Batch. In addition, fixes for a Regular Batch file are to be sent to the above email and can be done at any time as long as a judgment for it has not yet been posted. If this rule is abused, it will be removed. This email is also used for files with Resubmission Privileges.

FFR Submission

Use the above email for sending updates to conditionally queue'd or accepted files. When stepartists use a judge’s review to fix their file, they can comment in response to the notes as they go through them. If stepartists send in their meta review along with the fixed file, it will help speed up the review process especially for conditionally queue'd files.

Special Submissions

Use the above email for sending file submissions and file fixes before judgment is posted for special batches.